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IVC is Instructional Virtual Classroom. With IVC, you can connect to multiple locations across the city via video and microphones. Do you need to meet with your counterparts at other higher education schools within the state, but don’t want to make the long drive to another school? Why not join the meeting via one of our video conferencing rooms? You can watch the meeting on a large screen and contribute to the dialog by using a desktop microphone. Never miss a meeting because of inclement weather again.

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Pricing Information:

Internal campus, Higher Education, departmental meetings, such as those for the State Office of Higher Education (e.g. BOR, CIO, Board of Trustees, and Concurrent Enrollment meetings, etc.) have no charge.

Departments wishing to host an IVC Class will be assessed a $25 an hour fee, that includes a 15 minute set up time, billed directly to your department, as well fees assessed by any receiving end schools.

All other educational groups, clubs, and organizations will be assessed a $25 an hour fee, that includes a 15 minute set up time.

Non-educational events (e.g. lawyer depositions, business meetings, etc.) will be assessed a $75 per hour fee, that includes a 15 minute set up time.

For questions regarding IVC billing, or setting up an IVC event, please contact Mary McFadden at 435-652-7952 or 435-229-1061.
If more than one room is needed for the same event, please fill out a separate form for each room, if any of the information below is different for the other room(s).


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