Dixie State University

Vendor Tips

A number of Dixie State University vendors have special requirements which you’ll need to know to help you buy their products. The following special instructions are important if you’re shopping with these vendors:


Costco now takes our purchasing cards, and it is strongly preferred that you use your card, if possible. They will also take a purchase order. Your purchase must be at least $50 to use a purchase order. There is also a 1.5% service fee for processing. To obtain the tax exempt status, please check out a Costco membership card with Tamara Gentry at extension 7613. If you don’t use a DSU membership card, you’ll have to pay tax. We all share two DSU membership cards, so please bring the card back immediately after shopping. Present the purchase order to the customer service desk to get current instructions on how to use purchase orders. They will also have you sign a tax exemption form. If they ask you if the items you’re buying are for resale, SAY YES!!  Otherwise, you’ll be charged tax.


You will need to use your purchasing card, or preferably shop at Lowe’s. We don’t have a billing account with Home Depot, but you must give them our tax exempt number which is 1311525028 when you use your purchasing card.


Our tax exempt number with Lowe’s is 227500233. They do take purchase orders and purchasing cards. If you shop at Lowe’s, please contact Purchasing to receive a discount card which will give you state contract pricing on everything in the store. The discount is 5%, and you must have the sales clerk swipe your card before checking out.


Our customer number with Staples is 601110001370113, and our tax exempt number with them is 4068331042. You need to tell them this number no matter how you’re paying for the products to receive the tax exemption. Write this number on your purchase order if that’s what you’re using to pay.


Target does not take purchase orders. Please use your purchasing card.


Our tax exempt number with Walmart is 47001. You must write this on your purchase order. In addition, write the following credit account number on your purchase order 603220200046784601. You may petrify trying to check out of Walmart if you don’t have these numbers!