Dixie State University

Cell Phone Stipends

Some DSU employees are eligible to receive a cell phone allowance (or stipend) to help cover the cost of a personal cell phone.  Check with your supervisor to see if this may apply to you.

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Dixie State University employees may receive up to $48 per month as a cellular service stipend, paid quarterly in advance, to cover reasonable expenses for cellular phones. The University will also reimburse up to $100 each fiscal year for telephone equipment as approved by the appropriate budget administrator.

The President and Vice Presidents, because of very high usage and the use of data services are eligible for a $100 per month stipend, and data-enabled equipment reimbursement of $250 per fiscal year. Other key employees may also be eligible for this higher stipend and equipment reimbursement based on the recommendation of their supervisor and with the approval of their Vice President. These stipends are not taxable income since they represents an employee reimbursement for the business use of their phone.

Supervisors are encouraged to approve cell phone service stipends only for those employees who need this service to facilitate their job performance.

Cellular phone stipends will be paid only to those employees who are willing to have their cellular phone number published for DSU use, and who are willing to be available for DSU calls by keeping their cell phones on during working hours each weekday. By cashing stipend checks, you acknowledge that the cell number on record with the University is still operational and available to University employees for business calls to you. Employees should contact Purchasing if there is any change in their personal cell phone service or phone number so that adjustments to the stipend information and telephone directory may be recorded.

Employees receiving stipends are responsible to pay their bills. If you leave the University, the cellular contract will remain your full financial responsibility. The University will remove your number from the cellular phone list upon termination.

There will be some exceptions to this procedure. There are some cell phones on campus which are shared by departmental employees and cannot be tied to a particular individual. The appropriate Vice President may approve these for payment by the University. When shared phones are approved, employees using them will be expected to use the phones wisely and only for University business.

It is expected that a large portion of your plan’s minutes would be available to the University at no additional cost. However, should charges relating to University business be more than your stipend, and with the approval of your budget administrator, these charges may be reimbursed. It should be noted that these cellular bills may be targeted for audits, and therefore a detailed copy of the bill showing all calls will have to be attached to the reimbursement request.

To apply for quarterly cell phone stipend payments, please fill out the Cellular Phone Service Stipend Request and Approval Form, have your supervisor and the budget administrator paying for your stipend approve it, and return it to Purchasing as soon as possible.

Employees are encouraged to keep personal cellular service contracts to one year, where possible. There are substantial penalties for early cancellation, and Dixie State University will not reimburse you for early termination penalties.

(Revised 4/13)