Purchasing Procedures

State Contracts will help you save time and money. They eliminate the need for bidding for your larger purchases. The attached State Contract Information will give you more information on this powerful purchasing tool. You may look at specific state contracts by searching by keyword (product) or vendor at Division of Purchasing & General Services.  Keep in mind that most vendors have only a small number of items on their contract, so you can’t assume everything they sell is OK to purchase without bidding. The contract should tell you what’s covered under the price agreement.

Office Depot is our preferred state contract provider for office supplies. Please contact Tamara Gentry at extension 7613 if you would like access to their website to place orders. Office Depot provides next business day delivery service for most items ordered before 2 p.m.

There are hundreds of other state contracts, as well. Please contact us for more information.

There are many State and University policies and procedures relating to purchasing. It’s very important to note that most purchases above the $5,000 level will need multiple bids (unless we are using a state contract), so please allow sufficient time for that bidding to be done. For very large purchases, we are also required to advertise prior to making a commitment. Refer to the DSU Purchasing Policy.

There are many ways you may purchase items for departmental use.

  1. The first is our U.S. Bank Visa Purchasing Card. It may be used for purchases up to $1,000. We encourage all employees who do purchasing for the University to receive training, get a card, and use it whenever possible for small purchases.
  2. You may also use mini purchase orders for purchases up to $300. Mini Purchase Orders are pre-numbered and must be picked up and signed for in Purchasing Services. Your department secretary may have some for your use. When using mini purchase orders, you will be placing the order yourself, directly with the merchant. The completed mini purchase order and invoice (if you have one) need to be sent to Purchasing within 48 hours.
  3. For purchases over your purchasing card transaction limit, you will fill out the Purchase Requisition Form and send it to us for processing. These forms are available in Purchasing Services. After checking to see if you have sufficient budget for the purchase; we create a purchase order and send it to the merchant for you. Please let us know of any special instructions on the requisition form for unusual handling of the purchase order. Normally, we will fax your order to the merchant and send your department secretary a copy of the purchase order for your records.

Dixie State University is sales tax exempt. Our sales tax exemption number is 12020247-002-STC. Click here to print our Sales Tax Exemption Form or you may request one from our office.

Most importantly, remember that it is against University policy for anyone to make a financial commitment for the University by placing an order for services or products unless you have your purchasing card, mini purchase order, or purchase order number at the time you place the order. Mini purchase orders and purchasing cards should not be used unless you know there is budget available to cover the costs of your purchase. Violations of this policy are considered very serious and may result in disciplinary action.